(10th Generation) 

Dietrich STOVER

BIRTH: ca 1650-1666 Germany
DEATH: ? Germany

Family 1: Magdalena EBERWEIN
  MARRIAGE: 1681-1683

 Dietrich Stover is the earliest proven ancestor of this family. Lived in Frankenberg, Germany for at least 17 years before moving to Schwelm, Germany in 1700.    He was a merchant.


(9th Generation)

 Johann Kaspar STOVER\STOEVER (I)

BIRTH: 01-13-1685, Hessen, Germany
BAPTISM: 01-18-1685, Hessen, Germany
DEATH: 1738, at sea returning from Germany

 Family 1: Gertraudt ______
 MARRIAGE: ca 1707

 Family 2: Maria Magdalena (?) POOLE
 MARRIAGE: ca 1733/34

John Kasper Stoever, (I) was a Lutheran educator and pastor.    He left Germany in the spring of 1728 to go to the Land of Penn (Pennsylvania, USA).    John Kaspar Stover, (I), his son John Caspar Stover, (II) and his daughter Elisabetha Carherina Stover left England the 15th of June 1728, aboard the ship JAMES GOODWILL and arrived on the 11th of September 1728.    Apparently, his wife had died before they left Germany, because there are no records of her on the ship and John Kaspar Stoever, (I) remarried shortly after arriving in this country.    The Stover's changed the family name to Stoever.    He became an ordained Lutheran minister on April 8,1733, in Trapp, PA.    He was ministering to the needs of the German Lutheran Congregation in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.    He went to Germany in 1735 to raise money for the church and died on the return voyage in 1738.


(8th Generation)

 Johann Caspar STOEVER (II)

BIRTH: 12-21-1707, Ludorf, Solingen Amt, GERMANY
DEATH: 05-13-1779, Lebanon Co., PA
BURIAL: Hill Lutheran Church at Cleona, PA

 Family 1: Maria Catarina MERCKEL
 MARRIAGE: 04-08-1733

John Caspar Stoever (II) was the first ordained German Lutheran Minister in America.    He was ordained on his wedding day, April 8, 1733.    His father was also ordained the same day.    He was naturalized by the act of March 29, 1735.    This gave him all rights, privileges and advantages of natural-born subjects of the Province of Pennsylvania.    Parliament passed a law making it possible for the courts to grant British citizenship to foreigners.     John Caspar Stoever, (II), became a naturalized citizen on the 24th of September 1741.    Earl Town became the center of Pastor Stoever's activities until 1742.    At this time John Caspar Stoever, (II) changed his residence from Earl Town to Lebanon Township, Lancaster County, PA.    John Caspar Stoever, (II) and several other men formed the Lebanon Land Company.    They purchased large tracts of land and later gave some land to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, called Salem Church.    John Caspar Stoever, (II) was a well-dressed colonial pastor and an educated man full of energy and ambition.    While he was an educated man, his manner was sometimes violent and rough.    He started numerous churches and accumulated a large amount of wealth.    He served as scribe for the people on civil matters, such as deeds; many of the old deeds of Lancaster County are in his handwriting.    In 1762, he was authorized by the government to issue marriage licenses and then to perform the marriages.


(7th Generation)

 John Caspar STOEVER (III)

BIRTH: 03-10-1736, Earltown, Lancaster Co., PA
BAPTISM: 03-14-1736, Earltown, Lancaster Co., PA
DEATH: JULY 1821, Germantown, Montgomery Co., OH
BURIED: Lutheran Churchyard at Germantown.

 Family 1: Anna Maria Barbara NAGEL
 MARRIAGE: 04-26-1757, Hill Evangelical Lutheran Church

 John Caspar Stoever (III) was actively involved in the local community. He was elected as overseer of the poor for Bethel Township in 1768.    In 1772, he was elected as constable and in 1782 as overseer of the roads.    When war with England became imminent, militia units were formed in Lebanon County.    John Caspar Stoever was elected as the Captain of the First Company of Colonel Philip Greenawalt's Battalion.    He received his official commission on the 25th of August 1777.    He took the oath of allegiance to the state of Pennsylvania on the 19th of November 1777.    For the years of 1780, 1781, and 1782 he served as Captain of the Third Company, Second Battalion, Lancaster County Militia, under the command of Col. Thomas Edwards.     In 1805, John Caspar Stoever and family moved to Montgomery County, Ohio.    He and his wife lived on his son's, John Caspar Stoever, (IV), land in a separate house.    The family name was starting to make changes in the spelling in this generation.


 (6th Generation)


BIRTH: 05-29-1767, Bethel Township, Lebanon County, PA
BAPTISM: 05-31-1767, Bethel by his grandfather, John Caspar STOEVER, (II)
DEATH: 08-25-1851, Lanier Township, Preble County, Ohio
BURIAL: Stiver/Staver Cemetery, Montgomery Co.

 Family 1: Veronica "Fanny" DUPS\DUBBS
 MARRIAGE: ca 1788, Pennsylvania

John Adam Stoever/Staver, known as Adam Stoever, lived near members of his wife's family in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.    Adam moved to Preble County, Ohio sometime prior to 1806.    Adam was very involved in the community.    He lived in Preble County but most of his community involvement was in Montgomery County. There he erected the first saw mill in Jackson Township and was the prime mover in establishing the first school and church in the township.    He was a very prosperous farmer.


(5th Generation)


BIRTH: 03-10-1794, Paxton Township, Dauphin County, PA
BAPTISM: 05-11-1794, Swatara Reformed Church, Jonestown, PA
DEATH: 10-22-1870, Benton Township, Elkhart County, IN
BURIAL: Benton Lutheran Cemetery row 12, Elkhart, IN

 Family 1: Mary Polly BICKLE
 MARRIAGE: 06-29-1823, Montgomery County, PA

Frederich was about 10 years old when his family moved to Ohio.    Moved his family to Elkhart County, IN., in 1850.    On February 18, 1854, he purchased land in Elkhart County, IN. from John and Lydia Cooper.    Lydia Cooper was his daughter.    On the 23rd of February 1858, Frederick sold his land to his son Elias Stiver.


(4th Generation)

Elias (Eli) STIVER

BIRTH: 04-23-1838, Jackson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio
DEATH: 02-12-1898, Jackson Township, Elkhart County, IN
BURIAL: Sec 3 r 5 Jackson Cemetery, Elkhart Co., IN

 Family 1: Sarah Jane MCCANN
 MARRIAGE: 01-06-1859, Elkhart County, IN

 Elias Stiver spent most of his adult life in Benton Township.    His land was located in Benton and Clinton Townships.    Elias, like his father before him, was a farmer.


(3rd Generation)


BIRTH: 09-16-1863, Elkhart County, Benton, IN
DEATH: 09-12-1946, Elkhart County, Benton, IN
BURIAL: 09-14-1946, Jackson Cemetery, Elkhart Co, Benton, IN

 Family 1: Mary Ella "Elley" PEOPLES
 MARRIAGE: 09-19-1889


(2nd Generation)


BIRTH: 02-25-1895, Millersburg, IN
DEATH: 12-11-1958, Elkhart County, Goshen, IN
BURIAL: Benton Cemetery, Elkhart County, IN

Family 1: Francis N. MCNUTT
MARRIAGE: 04-17-1915


(1st Generation)

Farrell Lamar STIVER

BIRTH: 05-19-1916, Goshen, IN
DEATH: 01-18-1975, Gulfport, MS
BURIAL: 01-20-1975, Evergreen Garden, Gulfport, MS.

 Family 1: Doris Maxine HOLMES
 MARRIAGE: 08-01-1946

 Served in the US Army during WWII. Most of his life was spent in the construction business. Main trade was carpentry but spent the latter years of his life as construction superintendent / project manager.


 Farrell "Butch" Lamar STIVER, Jr. (ME)

 BIRTH: 08-25-1947, Goshen, IN


 Family 1: Jackie Marie PAGE



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